Decorate a room with balloons, no helium needed

No helium, no problem. 
Here are some ideas of how to decorate a room with balloons used in different and creative ways:

Attach your balloon garland to your stairs. That will add some wow factor as the guests arrive:

If you have a light fitting over the dinning table you can use that point to hang a balloon chandeleir from it. You can also use command hooks (that can be easily removed afterwards leaving no marks)

Attach your garland to the kitchen island instead of a wall:

Add an extra layer to your balloon garland by adding some crepe paper and a bit of gold too for extra glamour:

Try making some balloon flowers like these. fun and pretty: 

pictures by @ohshinypaperco, @twinkletwinklelittleparty, @pinterest

Hope you like these new ideas on how to decorate a room using balloon that don't require helium. 
click here for a selection of balloons you can use to make these decorations and more. 

Stay safe, 

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