Garden party ideas

Find out our top tips when it comes to planning a party outside. How to transform your garden or your spot in the park into a great party spot.

1. Decide on the theme. and plan the colour scheme of the party around it.

Think Mad Hatter tea party or a Bear picnic for the little ones. You can find some inspiration on these images:

Alice in Wonderland tea party

Forest adventure party

2. Find an area with some trees. 

Not only they will help to provide shade (and shelter in case it rains). it will also help with the decorations as you can hang them from the branches, from bunting to paper fans and lanterns.
Here are some ideas:

Frida summer party

3. Get some bright balloons inflated or hanging from the trees so your friends can find where you are if you are having a party in the park.

Brigh balloons everywhere

4. If you are having a party in your back garden, get some picnic blankets and a tee pee if you have it. Also, bring our some of their costumes so the children will get into character. 

Fairies tea party

5. Prepare some party games. Treasure hunts, pass the parcel and pinatas never fail to keep everyone engaged. 

party games and pinatas
Hope this helps when planning your next outdoor party. 
Have fun, 

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