Keep them busy this half term and spread the love

It's half term and Valentine’s day next week so we have put some ideas together to help you keeping the little ones busy while making something wholeheartedly for their friends and family just to show them how much we care for them.

1Fun paintbrushes

These Paintbrush Valentines are printed with clever phrases sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Fill them with colorful candy to act as the paint on the brush, they make the ultimate eye-candy! 

2.  Say it with cookies

Create the perfect treats for your friends, your family or your neighbours.

3. Confetti Heart card

How to say I LOVE YOU with a touch of fun? Well confetti’s here for that! They bring some joy, color and surprise to life! The envelope will help you to carry your message of love.

4. Organise a treasure hunt

This set comes with blank cards for you to fill out clues for your valentines or gelatines. Watch their faces whilst they have fun trying to find the treasure!

4. Love you cherry much

We’ve taken a classic candy and turned it into a fruity treat that makes the perfect token of appreciation. Don't forget to add your message.

5. Surprise!

If you are planning to surprise someone, get a plain cardboard box, inflate some balloons and seal them inside the box (don't forget to add some weight or tape the balloons to the bottom of the box). Leave it on their doorstep and watch their faces when the balloons pop up from the box.

or send a card to all those love ones you haven't seen for some time. These heart shape notes are embellished with gold foil​ and have four different messages in the set: Bestie, XOXO, Love and So Cute.

Have fun, 


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